Mars Planetary Talisman

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Talisman of Mars Pendant

The protective influence of Mars can help one fight against disease, injury and unforeseen attack. The pentacles of this talisman have the ability to incite one to accomplish great works and mighty deeds of valor!

The Planetary Talisman symbols are found in an Ancient Grimoire-"The Key Of Solomon The King" written by Master Magician King Solomon who believed that the Seven Ancient "Planets" had immense power over Mankind and the Spirit World.

The Priests, Rabbis, and Mystics of the Ancient World believed that the "Planets" had immense powers over the emotions, character, and physical attributes of Mankind as well as the "Spirit World."

They knew of Seven "Planets": The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn and believed that the Magical Symbols,(which we have engraved onto our talisman) channeled the Powers of these Planets and commanded the Spirits of each Planet to obey.

Mars was considered to be the fifth of the seven fabled planets of the Ancients.

The influence of Mars is said to have great success against all kinds of diseases if applied to the affected area and protects one from attack or injury.

This talisman consists of the second and sixth pentacles of Mars said to:

  • Incite a person to do Mighty Deeds
  • Perform Works of Valor
  • Give one Iron Will but can make one reckless
  • Increase Passion
  • Give Courage
  • Ambition
  • Enthusiasm
  • Stamina
  • Great Abilities at all Physical Deeds
  • Bring Victory in any Argument, Battle or Disagreement
  • Stop any Discord
  • Overcome Enemies
  • Be Safe from Evil and Harm

The Talisman of Mars is double-sided measuring 1 3/8 inches; includes an adjustable cord, accent bead and information booklet. Made in the U.S. of high quality, lead-free pewter by skilled artists.

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Mars Planetary Talisman

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