Triquetra Cat Ritual Altar Cloth

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Hand Sewn and Embroidered Intertwined Triquetra Cat

Meow! Just a felines are known to do with their flexibility, this one is intertwined within the Celtic Triquetra. And just look at that face - so content and proud while dreaming of magical moments!

Lovingly hand-sewn and embroidered for you - this is excellent for your sacred space as well a wonderful gift for a cat lover! Embroidered on white cotton-poly this is a one-of-a-kind altar cloth hand-sewn for you! Use for spell casting, tarot and rune readings, rituals, ceremonies and spell crafting as well as to adorn and protect for your ritual altar. 

Cats are associated with the Moon, Bastet and Brigid and are known for: Hiding Places, Flexibility, Adaptability, Secrets, Night Vision, Rest/Sleep, Perceptiveness, Intelligence, Observation, Self-Sufficiency, Magic, Independence, Fancifulness, Cunning, Curiosity, Nine Lives, Mystery and Well Being.

Celtic Triquetras are associated with Magic, Past, Present & Future, Earth, Sea & Sky, Life's Cycles, The Eternal Flow of Energy and Time, Maiden, Mother & Crone, The Power of Three, Unity & Protection.

Measures approximately 18 inches square. Each is individually hand-sewn and may vary slightly from the photos. Purchase is for altar cloth only.

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    The perfect centerpiece to my altar, as the cats and me make three. Love, love, love it!

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