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Weave the Liminal

Living Modern Traditional Witchcraft
by Laura Tempest Zakroff
Foreward by Ivo Dominguesz, Jr.

How does a modern Witch embrace tradition while navigating a complex contemporary life? How can you remain true to your own authenticity when you're surrounded by a whole world of magical theories, practices, deities, and paths?

Weave the Liminal explores what it means to truly be a Witch in the modern world. Through the accessible lens of Modern Traditional Witchcraft, Laura Tempest Zakroff helps you formulate a personalized Witchcraft practice and deepen your work with spirits, ancestors, familiars, and the energies of the liminal realm.

This book is a guide to connecting to your deepest feelings and intuitions about your roots, your sense of time, the sources of your inspiration, and the environments in which you live. It supports your experience of spellcrafting and ritual, and teaches you about metaphysical topics like working with lunar correspondences and creating sacred space. Discover valuable insights into practical issues such as teachers, covens, oaths, and doing business as a Witch.

Modern Traditional Witchcraft is a path of self-discovery through experience. Allow Weave the Liminal to be your guide and companion as you explore the Craft and continue evolving the rich pattern of your magical life.

Weave the Liminal includes a wealth of information. Here is a brief glance of the chapters:

Chapter 1: The History of the Modern Tradition of Witchcraft: Includes History as well as keys to the witch's path
Chapter 2: Who or What is a Witch?: Defines Witch, Origins, Real Witch and more
Chapter 3: A Path of Your Own Making: Rites, Turning the Wheel of you, A Witch's Manifesto...
Chapter 4: The Witch's Craft includes colors of magick, art of spellcraft, ritual arts...
Chapter 5: Exploring the Liminal & Luminous Numina includes the Gateway to the Divine, The Gods Must Be Crazy, Matters of Spirit...
Chapter 6: The Practical Witch includes working Alone vs Group, Real Energy, Troubleshooting Fears...

6 x 9 inches | 240 pages

Praise for Weave the Liminal:

"Laura Tempest Zakroff gathers all the important threads together to weave her guide for modern Witches walking the traditional path. The balance and interweaving of the two is no easy task, but she shows how the modern and traditional really go hand in hand through her teachings. Tempest deftly moves between basic concepts often assumed by authors, to some pretty deep philosophical musings, all with the eye to put it into practice and to live the life of the Witch!"—Christopher Penczak, author of The Inner Temple of Witchcraft 

"All those who practice the Craft in the twenty-first century are, by definition, modern witches, regardless how closely to a tradition we hew. In Weave the Liminal, her beautiful new book, Laura Tempest Zakroff lovingly explores this paradox and shares her hard-won wisdom on how to be your own best possible modern witch. Wherever you are on your path, from novice to adept, there is something in Weave the Liminal to inspire you forward."—Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

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