White Poppet

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Handmade White Poppet

Authentic Voodoo Doll, 100% Hand Sewn by a Witch in New Orleans. Each is made of felt and measures approximately 7 inches tall. No two are alike, minor imperfections are normal and makes your doll unique and one of a kind.

One side of the poppet's stomach has been left open at the seam, the middle is unfilled with stuffing so that you may fill with your personal herbs and magical spell items. You can then either sew it closed or glue it with fabric glue. I leave it this way so you to put in your own herbs and magical items for your spells. You can either sew it up afterward or glue it with fabric glue or super glue. Can be used to represent male or female and each is ready for you to customize for your personal spell work.

Each hand made poppet comes to you unstuffed and unadorned. By crafting and personalizing your voodoo doll/poppet, you are adding your energies, powers and intentions thus creating a powerful magical creation to work with and for you.

DIY Suggested Instructions:

  • Each is fully sewn with the side open, allowing you to fill the body with fiberfill stuffing, herbs, crystals, grasses, moss, old nylons, cotton balls, personal items, etc.
  • Items to add can be spell items such as herbs, stones, etc. and anything linking the doll to the person it is to represent such as paper with name or information written on it, finger nails clippings, hair snippings, jewelry, photograph, etc.
  • Once the doll is stuffed, stitch or glue the side closed.
  • Face and Body: Using art/fabric pen, needle and thread and/or buttons, create your personal poppet's. Draw tattoos, scars, moles, etc. as well as magical symbols. Face can be drawn on paper and glued on. Clay can also be used to form a face and carefully glued on. Personal clothing can be used to cloth your poppet. Use fabric scraps or personal clothing pieces to create scarf, skirt, hat or wrap.
  • You may further embellish the outside of the body with personal or special items such as jewelry, charms, clothing, photo, drawings.
  • Add hair by sewing material pieces on or gluing yarn or pieces of spanish moss.
  • Name your poppet.
  • Introduce yourself to the poppet stating their name and intention.
  • Keep your poppet safe.
  • Talk to your poppet.
  • When your poppet has completed the work you intended, you can disassemble, "untying" all ties to the person linked to it. Then dispose of as you would like.
  • You may want to create a poppet to keep working with you such as for continued love or health, then there is no need to disassemble and dispose of.

White is known for:

  • Moon/Lunar
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Inspiration
  • Purification
  • Protection
  • Spirit Guides
  • Wisdom
  • Healing
  • New Beginnings
  • Marriage


Customer Reviews

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Tonya Washington
Very Nice well made!

Worked out very well for what I needed I would recommend this product to anyone!

Larry Davis
White poppet

I like it, would like to have one made from burlap.

taylor howard
great item

well made, easy to work with, and kinda cute too! will definitely be ordering again, probably in bulk! :)

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