Gemstone Worry Stones

Gemstone: Amethyst
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Amethyst, Green Aventurine & Black Obsidian Worry Stones

Enchanting, Energy-filled Worry Stones.

Please select your choice of worry stone. Purchase is for one (1) worry stone. Each stone varies slightly in shape and coloring and may be different from the photo. Measures approximately 1.25 x 1 inch.

Perfect for all occasions and excellent gift ideas at a great price!

Amethyst is a receptive stone (receive energy) associated with the planets Jupiter and Neptune and of the Element Water. Amethyst is known for Spirituality, Protection, Courage, Cleansing Aura, Dreams, Peace, Calming, Business Success, Court Case/Legal Success, Meditation and Beauty.

Green Aventurine  is Projective (sending energy out); associated with Mercury and the Element Air. Aventurine is known for Money, Peace, Gambling, Creativity, Bringing Opportunity, Career Success, Balancing, All Around Luck Stone, Prosperity, Love, Friendship, Protection, Protection, Heart Chakra, Abundance, Adventures in Travel and Independence.

Black Obsidian is a Projective Stone associated with the Planet Saturn and the Element Fire. Black Obsidian is known for Protection, Grounding, Centering, Scrying, Clairvoyance, Banishing and Removing Negatives, Guarding Against Psychic Attacks, Divination, Root Chakra, Balancing & Stablizing Energy, Balances Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Gemstones Worry Stone

This Beautiful Amethyst Gemstones Worry Stone Is Beautiful & The Perfect Size✨I Gave This To My Mother In Law Who Loves The Worry Stones ✨Thank You As Always For Your Establishment & Being A Part Of My Spiritual Journey✨Blessed Be✨🌒🌕🌘✨🕊️✨

Melissa Laweryson
Protective pocket friend

I love the protective qualities of obsidian and love the feel of the stone. Will probably purchase more of other stones when I get the chance to!

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