A Witch's Guide to Celebrating Ostara - 13 Moons

Ostara, Spring Equinox, a Lesser Wiccan Sabbat is celebrated March 19-23 for the Northern Hemisphere and September 19-23 for the Southern Hemisphere.

Ostara is an important time for witches and pagans. It marks the beginning of Spring and is a celebration of new beginnings, fertility, balance and growth. It's also a great opportunity to connect with nature and give thanks for the many blessings we have received. So how can you make your Ostara ritual even more special? Let’s take a look.

Grounding Practices

Ostara is all about connection — both with yourself and with nature. Before beginning any type of ritual or ceremony, it’s important to ground yourself in order to be fully present in the moment and focused on the task at hand. One way to do this is by visualizing roots growing down from your feet and connecting you to the Earth below. This practice helps center you and fills you with energy that will support your desired outcome. You can also try breathing exercises or meditation to help increase your focus and presence before starting your ritual or ceremony.

Creating Sacred Space

Creating sacred space is an important part of any pagan or witch’s practice — especially when it comes to celebrating Ostara. You can create sacred space by using items such as crystals, herbs, candles, incense, music, art, or anything else that resonates with you spiritually. Use these items however feels right for your particular practice — whether that means burning sage for purification or lighting a candle for protection — then add additional things as needed until you feel like everything has come together into one cohesive space that holds powerful energy for what you are trying to achieve at this time of year.

Connecting With Nature

Ostara marks the start of Springtime which makes it the perfect opportunity to connect with nature’s cycle of life in a meaningful way. Take some time during your rituals or ceremonies to appreciate all that nature has given us by either going out into nature itself or simply by looking out the window at whatever beauty surrounds us in our current environment. Appreciate what each season brings us while simultaneously giving thanks for all that we have been given so far this year.

Ostara is an incredibly special time of year where witches and pagans alike can come together in celebration of new beginnings, fertility, growth, and abundance! By grounding yourself before starting any type of ritual or ceremony, creating sacred space using items such as crystals or herbs that resonate with you spiritually, and connecting with nature through appreciation exercises — you will ensure that your Ostara rituals are truly powerful ones! Wishing everyone a blessed Spring season filled with joyous celebrations!

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