Red Witch Protection Salt - 2 oz.

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❤️Red Witch Protection Salt ❤️

Introducing 13 Moons' Red Witch Protection Salt! You can trust in the power of hibiscus, lavender, thyme and sea salt to provide protection from negative energy in your magical space and home. This unique blend of ingredients was created with care, so that you can enjoy peace and harmony in your life.

The deep crimson hue of hibiscus petals and vivid blue lavender is more than meets the eye - it wraps around each crystal with love, offering its vibrational protection, as it has done for centuries. Add in sea salt to the mix and you have a powerful source of energizing heat that cleanses any negative vibes. As you cast circle and ritual with the Red Witch Protection Salt, you will be closing off energies that don’t nurture your soul.

Red Witch Protection Salt

Use our Red Witch Protection Salt today for all your protective needs. Keep your magical space safe from unwanted negative energies by drawing from the strength of this salt blend!

Made with:
  • Sea Salt
  • Hibiscus Flowers
  • Lavender Flowers
  • Thyme Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil

This purchase is for a 2 oz. pack of Red Witch Protection Salt in a resealable bag.

Customer Reviews

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Shelby Dauenhauer

Perfect for what I needed! Thank you!!

Presley DeMoss

Red Witch Protection Salt - 2 oz.

The Fire Side

Witches Red Salt is not a readily accessable Apothecary item and what I've found in the past was of poor quality and made me sorry for the purchase. Now I have found a place that not only carries it, but carries an exellent quality. It is the best representation of the Fire Element of the salts I've seen in some time. I was impressed with my results and it left a unique smell in my Altar area. Nicely done.

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