13 Moons Goddess Altar Cloth

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Labyrinth Altar Cloth

Create your sacred space in style.

Whether you're drawing down the moon or looking for guidance on your path, this remarkable altar cloth has you covered. A black labyrinth nests in the center of this lively green cloth. Surrounded by phases of the moon, this cloth is a reminder that when we feel lost, we need to keep going until the next phase.

Drawing Down the Moon Goddesses in each corner pull energy to you from all directions while a Celtic knot work border creates a safe space for your ritual.

Each fringed cloth measures approximately 18 inches.

Please Note: Manufacturing imperfections and size variations may be found. Refunds are not available unless grossly defective. There may be dye runs, thread runs, variant colors as well as off center print.

Customer Reviews

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Chantal P.
Worthy of your Altar!

I was truly worried if it was worthy material. Too thin. Too small. And the edging.. too many reasons I was worried about that!
Yes, I was worried.
Again 13 Moons surprised me and this is Grade A material, soft, perfect size, and should be ALOT more for the price for the quality of this! That and the fast delivery, you can not go wrong with 13 Moons. I'm going to be ordering from them for everything.
I am that confident in them, that I will be sending a message asking for a certain item even if it is not listed in their shop. I have that much belief in 13 Moons. And truly, if they respond to my inquiry saying no, I am going to take it as a sign that I was not meant to have it.
*They are not paying me, not giving me a coupon, no discount, nothing. I am getting nothing, but I am THAT confident in 13 Moons.
If they say no, not able..then I am not meant to have it.

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