Amethyst Spirit Quartz

Size: Small .50 - 1 Inch
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Lavender Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz, also known as Fairy Quartz and Cactus Quartz, are very unique in that there is one larger crystal naturally accented and amplified by many smaller crystals which gives you unparalleled high vibrations for spiritual advancement. Spirit Quartz is best known for Harmony and Alignment and allowing you to open and connect with your Crown Chakra.

The Amethyst Spirit Quartz, also known as Lavender Spirit Quartz, can be in light shades of lavender to deep purples.

Carry Spirit Quartz with you or create jewelry to wear. You will feel sensational energy when it is next to your skin. Also these glittering specimens look exceptional displayed in your home and on your altar.

  • Small -.50 -1 Inch
  • Medium 1 -2 Inches
  • Large 2 -3 Inches 
Qualities of Spirit Quartz:
  • Connect with your higher self
  • High Vibration
  • Clear and Align Chakras
  • Open and Connect with Crown Chakra
  • Use in Reiki
  • Rebirth
  • Amplify other gemstones
  • Astral Travel
  • Decrease Fear
  • Create Peace
  • Dream Work
  • Deepen Relationships
  • Increase Creativity
  • Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Psychic Protection
  • Let go of issues you are holding onto
  • Rejuvenate when feeling low on energy
  • Unblock and Renew

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Dream Focus!

I love this crystal, it is very powerful!


Bigger than picture, love it

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