Black Hawaiian Sea Salt - 1 oz.

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Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, also known as Black Lava Salt

Sodium Chloride, Activated charcoal, Trace Minerals & Electrolytes.
Fine Granules

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, harvested from the coastal waters of the Hawaiian islands, gives you a unique ingredient for spell crafting, rituals, therapeutic baths and culinary delight. Ancient solar evaporation techniques preserve the salt’s mineral content, while a coating of activated charcoal obtained from coconut shells provides its distinctive black color and earthy flavor.

Black Salt is used for:

  • Removal of Negative Influences
  • Casting Circles
  • Cleansing
  • Protection
  • Banishing
  • Binding
  • Uncrossing
  • Hexes/Curses
  • Ritual Baths
  • Reverse Magick
  • Moon Magick
  • Cleanse your Crystals
  • Add to other herb and spell mixtures, candle magick, anointing oil and spell bottles
  • Cast a Line Across Doorways and Windows to Keep out Evil; Avoid Unwanted Company; Reflect Negatives Back to the Source.
  • Keep a bit on your person, against your skin, on your desk, taped beneath your chair to deflect gossip, bullying and rudeness.
  • Food Grade Culinary Salt with smoky flavor 

If performing hexing or curses with black salt, dispose of at a crossroads or with running water.

Store in a sealed container in a cool, dark place.

Prized by culinary enthusiasts the world over, Black Hawaiian sea salt is a great finishing salt and seasoning for meats, seafood, roasted or grilled vegetables, eggs, fruit and popcorn. It may also be used in marinades and dry rub blends. Lends a salty, earthy quality to foods. Blends well with most herbs and spices. 

All herbs and spices are hand weighed and meant for crafting and magickal use only. Ounces of whole pieces, leaves, or berries may contain broken or torn pieces.

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Jennifer Cramer

You get alot more then you'd think...I'm excited to buy more from here.

Etsy Customer
Well it’s salt, but it’s from the islands.

Well it’s salt, but it’s from the islands.

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