Carnelian Tumbled Runes, Limited Supply

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Carnelian Rune Set

Great set for communication, courage, and creativity!


Photo is representing the sets we have remaining. Engraving on carnelian is a bit difficult. Each is hand etched and lined with gold paint. Allow for variances and slight engraving and lining imperfections.

This powerful set is made of carnelian, a Stabilizing Stone, whish aids to amplify good judgement, and enhance creativity. This powerful communication stone makes a wonderful vessel for the runic alphabet and enhances your success with divination, meditation, and magic.

This is a traditional 25 rune set (24 engraved and 1 blank). et also includes a drawstring bag (colors and styles vary) for storage, protection, and traveling. A perfect gift for someone (including yourself!).

Carnelian is associated with:

  • Protection
  • Warding off the Evil-Eye
  • Fulfilling Desires
  • Energizing
  • The Throat Chakra
  • The Sacral Chakra
  • The Root Chakra
  • Creativity
  • Business/Career Success

Customer Reviews

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Jamie McCormick

I was worried I wouldnt connect with these runes when I purchased them online. But I was wrong my intuition still steered my in the right direction and they are so beautiful. I love that 13 moons has handmade products for sale. I purchse those whenever I have the funds always great quality!

Etsy Customer
I ordered these thinking they would be as red as

I ordered these thinking they would be as red as the picture but instead they are much paler. I was rather disappointed by this as the color is why I chose this set.

Etsy Customer
LOVE IT! Great quality and the item match the

LOVE IT! Great quality and the item match the description on the site. My expectations are very much met.

Etsy Customer
Lovely stones.

Lovely stones. The coloring in-person was a bit different than the product image, more purply-pink for some than orange-red, but they are beautiful, the etching is very clean and professional, and they put a smile on my face every time I use them. Shipping was extremely quick. Thank you!

Etsy Customer
Beautiful, vibrant carnelian stones! Love them.

Beautiful, vibrant carnelian stones! Love them. Great draw string bag. Recommend.

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