Celtic Black Soapstone Athame

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7 inch Black Soapstone Athame with Celtic Handle

Double edged solid soapstone blade and handle, featuring Celtic art on the handle. Each measures approximately 7 inches (17.78 cm) long. Sizes, coloring and shapes may vary slightly.

This is a lovely beginner's athame or for someone who is searching for something a bit different with good weight. The contrasting yet striking bold Celtic design on the handle is a must for those who collect Celtic art! And the soothing smoothness of soapstone aids in harmonizing, creativity, transformation, ridding negatives and more.

An athame is a traditional magical tool used to command and direct energy. It represents either the Element of Fire or the Element of Air depending on your practice. Working with an all natural tool, you can feel the difference both in the vibrational energy therefore also in your magick.

Soapstone is known for:

  • Balancing & Harmonizing
  • Peace, Calm & Soothing
  • Creativity, Inspiration & Imagination
  • Self Awareness
  • Spirit & Astral Communications
  • Psychic Development
  • Change & Transformation
  • Stability
  • Truth & Clarity
  • Meditation & Focus
  • Rid Negatives

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