Celtic Triquetra Altar Cloth 18 inch

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Celtic Triquetra Altar Cloth, Black on Purple with Fringe

Hand made of silky rayon with fringe, a large encircled Triquetra is the focal point followed by Celtic corner designs and border. Invoke wisdom, protection, astral projection and magick this purple cloth. Use for your tarot cards, pendulum work, candle magick, ritual work and spellcrafting.

The altar cloth creates a barrier between the mundane and the magical, allowing you to practice your craft in style. Hand made in India and measures between 16 to 18 inches square. Made of 100% silky rayon.

Literally meaning, three-cornered (tri-quetrus), the triquetra is a Celtic infinity knot that represents the belief that life moves in everlasting cycles of three. Printed on this lovely  cloth, it brings a powerful energy to your ritual. Celtic knots on the sides direct your focus to the center point and help guide you in your practice.

Triquetras are associated with:

  • Magic
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Earth, Sea, Sky
  • Life's Cycles

Please Note: Imperfections (e.g., dye runs, thread runs) and size variations may be found. Color may vary slightly from image shown, image may be slightly off center. Refunds are available for non-manufacturing or substantial defects only.

Customer Reviews

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Exactly as described. This cloth has seen it all (way too much candle wax spilling over onto it) and does a great job. It is exactly as described, just make sure it’s big enough for your alter


I ordered the Celtic triquetra altar cloth and a variety of items from 13 Moons and everything arrived within a few days, all beautifully wrapped and packed. The cloth is a vivid purple color and I could use it as a head covering/bandanna when it’s not in use on my altar. My multiple item order was shipped in a single box and everything arrived completely intact. Even the packing list was doubled checked and there was a hand written blessing offered to me. Wow. Talk about customer service. I will definitely be ordering from 13 Moons again.

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