Gold 7 Point Star Chime Candle Holder

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Seven Point Gold-Tone Candle Holder

Known as the Fairy Star, this is one of the most popular and economical candle holders for the chime candles. Each measures approximately 2 inches across.

Each is made of gold-tone metal for our 4 inch x .50 inch chime candles. It is slightly adjustable to obtain a snug fit. For protection to altar cloths and table tops, we suggest placing a flame-proof vessel underneath as wax may trickle out.

The Fairy Star is also known as a Elven Star, Septagram, Heptagram or 7 Point Star and is known to represent:

  • The Seven Sisters (The Pleiades)
  • Days of the Week
  • Seven Alchemical Metals
  • Seven Rainbow Colors
  • Seven Directions
  • Seven Musical Notes
  • Fairy Magic
  • Planetary Magic
  • Protection
  • Love
  • Sphere of Venus

7 Magical Points of the Faery are:

  • The Sun: The Primary Force of Life and Creation on Earth. Without it, Elven and Human life would not exist.
  • The Wood: Most Elves, as well as people, feel a deep connection to the forests. Trees are considered kin, cousins and brothers. Elves see deep secrets hidden in trees, and understand the power and nature of trees and woods.
  • The Sea: Water Elemental Powers are very strong. Some may be reluctant to know the sea or feel it, but the ocean is one of the great natural forces.
  • The Magick: Living Magick is integral to the lives of all Elves and people, whether it be the simple Magick of a snowflake, or the Magick of rhymes, runes, visions, and such.
  • The Moon: Our Earth is dependent on the Magick of the moon. It brings light to the dark night skies; it affects the weather and tides and weather patterns. The moon has profound magickal and physiological effects on our bodies.
  • The Wind: Elves have a strong connection to the wind and air elementals. Wind helps germinate our plant life. Wind also has the magickal ability to carry subtle messages across all realms.
  • Connection: Ultimately, Elves must remember the idea of Connection--of our connection to others, the world, the land, reality, to Magick, the universe, and ourselves.

Customer Reviews

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cute little candle holders

These did the job and look great. They are very light, just wish were a little heavier but they do stand up with the small candles.

Jon Saint Germain
Perfect Little Holders for Chime Candles

These small, simple holders are perfect for holding chime candles for altar works or for placing a candle on top of a jar. If your work requires disposal of remains afterwards, it won't break your heart or your bank because they're so affordable. I've found them practical and attractive.

Kelly Craig


Heather Olson
Same product at a higher price

I have been using this product for my business for sometime now. I typically pay around $.50 per item. Unable to find anywhere else, so I was forced to pay the $.85 per item.

Etsy Customer
these are perfect little chime holders

these are perfect little chime holders

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