Complete Tarot and Oracle Journal

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The Complete Tarot & Oracle Journal
With Metal Closures and Two Ribbon Markers
by Selena Moon

How to use your Complete Tarot & Oracle Journal:
This journal serves as both a guide and a notebook, making it the perfect tool for beginners, as well as experienced oracle and tarot card readers. It will help the user to organize their readings in a beautiful and practical way. It's a dedicated journal that can work for any type of card deck, a treasure to keep with you, as well as a perfect gift to receive.


  • Journaling your readings can be a very helpful way of pinpointing meaning; when you articulate it in written form, it reinforces the messages the reading is trying to tell you.
  • Includes practical notes on the differences between oracle and tarot readings, as well as a helpful introduction to card reading and reading practices.
  • Unlock the secrets of the mystical art of card reading and record your insights with this beautiful journal!
  • Keep this gorgeous journal alongside your collection of tarot and oracle card decks to unlock the secrets of your readings and awaken your consciousness.

The Complete Tarot & Oracle Journal is more than just a diary, it's a tool to jog your memory and give you greater insight into your subconscious mind. Using this journal will assist you in remembering and interpreting your readings with more accuracy and detail, and help you realize the messages in the cards.

The journal includes a helpful introduction to card reading, reading exercise, notes on the differences between oracle and tarot readings, and suggestions for spreads to work with.

A stunningly beautiful book with exquisite finishes, this journal is designed specifically to easily keep a record of your card readings and is completely compatible with all card decks expanding opportunities for spiritual work with tarot and oracle sets.

Grab a deck and your favorite pen (because we know you have one) and open yourself to the messages that await you!

This deluxe edition features two ribbon markers, two metal closures, copper-color gilded edges, and foil printing on the cover. A true and lasting keepsake.

Card of the Day
A great way to start if you are new to doing readings or still not feeling one hundred per cent confident is to pull a card every day, write down your initial thoughts and then take mental notes as the day goes by. Throughout the day you will start seeing coincidences that relate to your card. At the end of the day, note down what specifically in your day resembled the card the most; you can then use this to remember the meanings of different cards.

Card Spreads
The second section includes detailed card spread suggestions for various scenarios such as new beginnings, awareness, self-reflection, conflict resolution, lovers, wheel of the year spread, spiritual and personal growth.

You will also find helpful guidance on card spreads best used during new moons and the full moons.

My Spreads
This is the fourth section in your journal. Use these pages to draw your own spreads, record your favorite spreads or keep spreads you found elsewhere.

My Spreads consists of lined pages for you to record your readings. There are suggestions for each spread on what to note, such as the date, who is doing the reading, which deck was used and so on, as well as empty lines to record your thoughts and interpretations during the reading.

Use as you wish and fill in as much information as you feel you need. It's a great way to record your card reading journey!

208 pages | 8 x 9 inches | Hard Cover

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I got this journal for my daughter for Christmas. She has been wanting a journal for her card readings for awhile now. She loves it very much. Book is Hugh, cover is nice and pages has plenty to write in. If new to the card reading this journal would be awesome for beginners since it explains how to begin.

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