Crescent Moon Wind Chime

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Crescent Moon & Star Silhouette Wind Chime

Elegance for your Sacred Space or Garden

Add celestial joy and energy to any space with our enchanting Crescent Moon with Star Wind Chime. Each is hand-crafted with quality metal for a touch of elegance and charm. Enjoy the peace, tranquility, and positive energy brought by this mesmerizing windchime.

Wind Chimes are said to help bring good luck, attract peaceful spirits, and ward off negative energy. Appreciate its soothing sound as it creates a peaceful atmosphere in any space.

Measuring approximately 2.75 x 1.5 x 18,9 inches long our Black Silhouette Crescent Moon with Star Wind Chime offers an eye-catching look complemented by its unique design - perfect for your garden or porch.

Use our beautiful wind chime to purify your environment and keep out unwanted energies. Let its sweet ringing restore balance and harmony in your home while keeping away dark vibes.

Wind Chimes are associated with:
  • Protection
  • Bringing luck
  • Purification
  • Attracts peaceful spirits
  • Enhancing positive energy
  • Helps to calm the mind
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Relaxation

The Moon in various phases represents:

New Moon/Dark Moon: For rituals involving journeys into the inner self. Grow with the moon for new beginnings, many possibilities, fresh starts and intentions to be fulfilled by Full Moon.

Waxing Moon: (Increasing to Full): For growth, new ideas and projects. For practical magick such as well being, luck and love.

Full Moon: For manifesting your spells you started in the New Moon. Also for passion, visions, divination, dreams, well being, power, and strength.

Waning Moon: (Decreasing to New): Banish negatives and evils, Remove hexes and "road" blocks to clear the path for your intentions. Get rid of old to bring in new.

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