Sacred Egyptian Altar Cloth

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Sacred Egyptian Altar Cloth

This alluring symbolic cloth will serve as a decorative protective tool in your sacred space.

What may first appear as a simple design is genuinely abundant with Egyptian symbolism. At the top are stars which move across our night sky and then are scattered throughout the background; in the middle is the all-seeing-eye within the pyramid; simple moon crescents are above and below; moon crescent faces look onto the pyramid from East and West; a sacred cat adorns each bottom corner and diamond art, or could be seen as pyramid art, embellishes the borders followed by fringe.

Features & Symbolism of Your Sacred Egyptian Cloth:

  • Black & White Cotton with fringed borders
  • Measures approximately 24 inches (60 cm)
  • Stars: Celestial Beings/Souls of the Dead connect to the underworld
  • Moons: Feminine, Good Fortune & Luck, Mothers, Rebirth
  • Pyramid/Obelisk: Masculine, Protection, Power, Sundial, Directions
  • All Seeing Eye: Third Eye, Fire, Protection, Health, Prosperity & Power
  • Cats: Power, Good Luck & Justice

Suggested uses of your cloth: Sacred Space Protection, Altar & Home Table Decoration, Pendulum work, Tarot and Rune Readings, and Sacred Wall Art.

Please Note: Imperfections (e.g., dye runs, thread runs) and size variations may be found. Color may vary slightly from image shown, image may be slightly off center. Refunds are available for non-manufacturing or substantial defects only.

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Courtney Curtis

Lovely size, patterns, and thickness. So happy with my purchase!

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