Empowerment Through Witchcraft

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Empowerment Through Witchcraft: A Wiccan Guide for the Magickal Practioner

by Linda Murphy
Foreword by Cynthia Katherine Lee

Embrace the Power of the Witch to Transform Your Life

Extensive and thought-provoking, Empowerment though Witchcraft is for witches like you who seek to go beyond the basics and use their skills to elevate their spiritual practice for inner growth and enlightenment. Featuring more than thirty spells, rituals, and meditations, this book helps you awaken to your true purpose and live a fully conscious life in alignment with your will.

There are many exercises within this wonderful book from Sabbat Rituals, Meditations and Rites, Blessings to Empowering Yourself!


  • Chapter One: Wheel of the Year
  • Chapter Two: Drawing Down Energy
  • Chapter Three: Tools and Elements
  • Chapter Four: Sacred Space
  • Chapter Five: Empowerment Spellcasting
  • Chapter Six: As Your Power Grows
  • Chapter Seven: Life Passages
  • Chapter Eight: Finding the Deity Within Yourself
  • Chapter Nine: Journeying with Meditation
  • Chapter Ten: Familiars
  • Chapter Eleven: Taking Your Power

Linda Murphy, PhD, builds upon the traditional tools of the witch to revitalize your Craft, celebrating the sacred Wheel of the Year with a focus on inner and outer mastery. You will learn to connect more deeply with the ebb and flow of nature, draw down the sun, moon, and stars in all their phases, attune with familiars, and invoke the deity within. By exploring these great mysteries of witchcraft, you will grow into your most powerful self.

Includes a foreword by Cynthia Katharine Lee, MA, founder of the Mystical Order of the White Rose

240 Pages | 5 x 8 inches | Paperback 

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