Epona Horse Spirit Animal

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Horse Totem Animal

Adventure Awaits!

Throughout ancient times, the horse was one of the most sacred and honored of all creatures. Thought to be a bridge between the material and spiritual worlds: the horse represents an intuitive bond between the two realms. The trust between the rider and horse was considered a Divine Marriage, and it was common to let the horse wander freely, leading the rider to an adventure. Epona is the Gaulish name for this Goddess, the Welsh call her Rhiannon, the British, Rigantona (the Great Queen). Let this figure guide your spirit to its destiny!

Your Horse Spirit Animal is crafted of Dolomite and measures approximately 1.25 inches (31 mm) tall x .75 inch (19 mm) wide and 1.5 inches (38 mm) deep. Dolomite is associated with the heart chakra, balancing and grounding, protection and healing, and creativity, making it a wonderful stone for getting in touch with your wild spirit. Each horse totem spirit animal is handcrafted and will vary in color and carving from the photos. Celebrate Epona at the summer solstice or any time with this lovely figure!

Horses are associated with:

  • Emotional Healing
  • An Adventurous Spirit
  • Courage
  • Mind, Body and Spiritual Awareness
  • Freedom
  • Power and Strength
  • Beauty
  • Overcoming Difficulties
  • Power to Change
  • Journeys

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Horselover for Life
Epona Horse

Love my sweet little Epona Horse! The carving is exquisite.

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