Evil Eye and Hamsa Charm

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Blue Evil Eye & Hamsa Hand Charm

Wear this inspiring pendant for Protection of Evil and to Turn Back the Evil Eye! The Hamsa Hand (Hand of Fatima) with Evil Eye charm are carried or worn for extra security of protection and positive energy.

Evil Eye Charm of blue, black, and white in the center of the silver-tone Hamsa Hand with lobster claw clasp measures 1+ inch (2.54+ cm). Add your charm to a chain to wear as a necklace, bracelet or anklet as well add to your mojo or charm bags, back pack, keychain, purse and more. These make wonderfully priced gifts and craft pieces.

Evil Eye Charm: Often known as a ‘nazar’, is considered a symbol of protection for many years and across many different cultures. It is thought to protect one from evil spirits and harmful forces, especially the infamous 'malevolent glare'. Turkish Talisman also known as the Turkish Evil Eye is used to bring you good luck and protection; rid jealousy, repel envy and to absorb, bend back, turn back evil.

The Hamsa Hand is an ancient protection symbol displayed or worn to avert the the evil eye as well as bring you good luck, happiness, good fortune, protection, positive energy and prosperity.

The Evil Eye directed at someone, a curse, has been known to bring sickness, trouble/chaos, bad luck and/or harm. Magickal charms, jewelry and talismans such as this protection charm have been crafted to aid in protecting you against the Evil Eye.

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Small enough it be inconspicuous but seems durable enough.

Tinisha Holland
Very pleased

I placed my order and the next day it shipped!!!
I received it today and as ordered all my item were intact and as described, Im so excited and pleased to see that customer service still exist I will be placing additional orders 13🌙 thank you for providing excellent customer service!
A very happy customer 😊

Samantha Adams

You can definitely feel the protection from having this on you. I love it!!

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