Evil Eye Ritual Incense

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ūüßŅ 32¬†grams Handcrafted Evil Eye Incense by 13 Moons ūüßŅ

Shield, Protect & Rid Evil Eye and Jealousy!

Our Evil Eye Incense is precisely crafted to repel any ill wish or negative energy, allowing you to live life with confidence. Reinforce protection against envious vibes and evil eye as you feel safe in removing hexes, spells & curses.

The sticks are crafted of bamboo. The sap that binds the bamboo sawdust is also from the bamboo tree.

Uncross & Unblock: This powerful oil recipe used to dip our incense will aid to uncross and unblock any energy pathways that are preventing success, joy, or flow in your life. Increase your defense against negative thoughts and anything that may try to block your progress.

Increase Barricade Against Negatives:  Feel safe from malicious envy and gossip with this powerful hand-dipped incense. Unlock a powerful combination of spiritual energies that enhance a strong barrier around yourself so good luck, success and happiness can be yours. It serves as a barrier against any ill wishes sent your way, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're protected.

Remove Hexes, Spells & Curses:  Banish curses, hexes, and spells quickly - Neutralize any harmful hexes, spells and curses directed at you. Give yourself a potent shield of protection that will keep away all unwanted energies and dark forces.

Invoke Protection, Good Luck & Success: Enhance and transform negative energy into positive vibrations. This powerful recipe has been specially designed to confer protection, good luck and success into your life.

Evil Eye Incense


  • Rid Evil Eye¬†and Jealousy, Shield & Protect
  • Repel Negatives
  • Uncross & Unblock
  • Remove Hexes, Spells & Curses
  • Increase Barricade¬†Against Negatives
  • Invoke Protection, Good Luck & Success
  • Ritual¬†Chant is included on the back of the label.
  • Small batches of¬†incense are carefully made in a ritual setting
  • Contains¬†32 grams; approximately 20 sticks
  • 13 Moons has supplied the Pagan & Occult communities with quality items at great prices since 1997.

Top Notes: Energizing florals including African Orange Flower, Violet, Rose & Bergamot
Middle Notes: Blend of musk, spices and herby floral includes Nutmeg, Tonka Bean, Myrrh and Lavender
Base Notes: Warm Herbal and Woodsy: Bergamot, Agarwood, Guaiac Wood, Papyrus, Vetiver & Sandalwood

To Use: Light the coated end of the incense stick. Once lit extinquish the flame and allow the stick to smolder.
Use outside or in well ventilated areas. 
Store in dry, non-humid area.

Persons with perfume sensitivity should use caution when using this product.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.

ÔĽŅÔĽŅOur¬†Evil Eye Ritual¬†Incense has been¬†created¬†to accompany our¬†Evil Eye Ritual Oil,¬†2x3 Pillar, and¬†3x6 Pillar.¬†Use alone or combine the energies of candle, oil and incense¬†in your enchantments - they are wonderful, unique energies we have diligently blended for¬†your ritual ceremonies and spell crafting.

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Dennis Dietrich
Evil eye ritual incense

Love the fragrance

Amazing incense sticks.

Love the evil eye ritual incense. I would 100% buy this again. Felt a difference in energy right away.

Jourdain Morton

Evil Eye Ritual Incense


I love the scent!

Michael McGee

good stuff

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