Evil Eye Palm Stone

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🧿 Glass Evil Eye Palm Stone 🧿

The evil eye stone features a circular shape with an eye at the center symbolizing protection from harm or bad luck. It is thought to act as a spiritual shield preventing harm, evil intentions, jealousy, curses and other forms of negativity from taking hold. Although evil eye palm stones have been around for centuries, they are still popular today, whether worn as part of jewelry or simply carried in your pocket as a reminder of your need for protection against evil forces.

Evil Eye Palm Stone

Long ago, it was believed that evil forces wanted to bring harm and negativity into the world. To ward off evil, people wore or carried an evil eye amulet. Known commonly as a nazar, these special stones carry a powerful energy that can fight against evil vibrations and neutralize their effects. It's said that anyone who carries an evil eye with them will be blessed with good fortune and safety from harm. Perhaps this is why evil eye palm stones have remained a talisman of protection as well as a fashion statement in most recent years.

It is truly a wonderful tool for protection with its beautiful aesthetics and powerful symbolism.

  • Glass palm size stone
  • Convenient travel size
  • Measures approximately
  • Traditional colors of bright blue, light blue, white and black
  • Measures approximately 1 inch in diameter 

Please note: this purchase is for 1 individual palm stone

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Moore
Evil eyes

I love my shipment of evil eyes. I especially love giving to my friends for extra protection.

Angela G.
One of my favorite Protection Charms

Lately, I have been getting into Hamsa and Evil Eye charms and amulets. To go well with my Hamsa charm, I bought the Evil Eye Palm stone. I was told these two go well together. And they definitely do! I sleep with them next to me to ward off negative feelings and nightmares. I even keep them on my altar while cleansing and doing spell jars. The only critique is that the pupil and iris are in the lower center of the stone.

Otherwise, it was worth the bucks.

Brenda DiChiara-Cochrane
Evil Eye Palm Stone

For the person looking to carry a lucky protection stone this stone is just the thing. Highly polished and beautifully colored.

Dominique Iliescu
Perfect palm stone

This is the perfect little plan stone, just what I was looking for!


Thanks so much. I’m enjoying it.

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