Face To Face Lovers Candle Red

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Face to Face Red Lovers
Couple Candle

Please Note: Design has changed slightly as legs and/or ankles were breaking when removed from the mold.

Burn your Lovers Red Candle to ignite the passion between you and your mate! Can also be burned to bring someone back who has strayed from the relationship. Candle is male and female facing one another standing on a heart shaped base. The two figures are separate from each other until they are joined at the base enabling this candle to be cut in half at the base to allow for options in working with the candle.

Suggestions: Write your petition on parchment paper and place beneath the candle. Anoint with a Love Oil.

Measures approximately 5inches tall. Color pigment may vary from photo.

Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to 1/4 inch to enable better burning quality and time.

Customer Reviews

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Arrived very fast! This candle is excellent quality and packaged extremely well, with great care! 13 Moons is a class act! Definitely coming back for a 3rd order!!


Came super fast, I love it


The candle arrived with both figures broken off at the ankles. After some work, I was able to melt it back together with a sort of weld-like maneuver. Still, for a candle that costs more than a box of 20 chime candles, I expect it to not be broken on arrival. Also, it burned way faster than I expected. The burn time was probably in the neighborhood of 2 or 3 hours, which again you could get out of a single chime candle and this costs more than 20 of those. This is my first experience being disappointed by this shop

Lydia Karchawer

It melted down beautifully.

Etsy Customer
I love these candles.

I love these candles. They are large figurines with deep red color and burn well and are indeed magic 🪄

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