Green Witch Prosperity Salt - 2 oz

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Crystal Salts for Prosperity

2 ounce Crystal Salts for Bath and Floor Wash are hand-blended with four different herbs known for prosperity and abundance.

Blessings and Protection: Cast a circle of prosperity and security around you with our Green Witch Prosperity Salts. Each blend is infused with herbs, roots and/or essential oils carefully curated to bring the intended use described here. Feel empowered as you invite luck and fortune into your life.

Purification and Cleansing: Truly cleanse yourself from whatever may be holding you back from an abundant life. Uncover the hidden energy you need to attract wealth, success, and money with our Crystal Salts for Prosperity. Recharge yourself so nothing can stand in your way!

Comfort and Clarity: Transform your bathtub into a ritual shrine of positive manifestations with Green Witch Prosperity Bath Salts. Take pleasure in all the sensual indulgences, natural scents, and crystal vibes that will help you focus on manifesting positive abundance in your life.

Long Term Success: Keep the streak of good fortune coming by using our Green Witch Prosperity Bath Salts in your bath, as a floor wash or giving them as gifts to those who seek prosperity for themselves as well. Cleanse away doubt and fear to make way for abundance! These salts are perfect for using to create a money/prosperity bowl. Keep near your front door to welcome in abundance and prosperity into your life and your home.

Crystal Salts are known for blessings, protection, purification, cleansing and more. We have blended herbs, roots and/or essential oils to create the intended use described here.

  • Bath: Add 1/2 of the bag to your bath water before a ritual to reverse negatives and bring about the intentions you require.
  • Floor Wash: Dissolve 1/4 to 1/2 of the bag in warm water to remove evil and negatives and to draw in what you need.

Take charge of the changes you want and need by using nature's gifts we have harnessed for you to be wyld with the elements and deities.

Our Green Witch Prosperity Salt is crafted and charged with intent under the New Moon by our skilled Green/Hedge Witch.

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Each bath needs to be bigger to last a little bit longer for  satisfaction some rituals to days to come together 

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