Handcrafted Witch Stick Candle

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Handmade Witch's Stick Candle unscented so you may empower by anointing with your oils, herbs and your energy.

Solid Color Stick Candles measure approximately 6.5 inches tall and .88 inches in diameter.

Double Action Stick Candles measure approximately 7 inches tall and 1.15 inches in diameter.

Please select your choice of candle from the drop down menu from our solid color stick candles; (each candle is a solid color not poured over white), reversing stick candle (black over red) and double action candles.

13 Moons Candle Maker, Max, also makes our Spell Candles, Action Candles, Blessings Kits, Votive Candles and our Hoodoo Candles. Each is made in a ritual setting and blessed for your ceremonies, spells and rituals.

Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to .25 inch to enable better burning quality and time.

Color pigments may change with each batch made; colors may vary from the photo. As they are handmade, you may see minor blemishes,  bubbles, veins and irregular edges.

Color Magick of Double Actions: Double Actions are called so and crafted to reverse the troubles back to one who sent them, repel bad luck, jinxes, crossed conditions along with attracting desires you need.

Our handmade stick candles are solid colors not poured over white center.
The Reverse Candle has a red center with black outter.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Cosmas Andrew
Stick candle order

My order was well received and it came in a timely manner. I was pleased with my item and will order again

Lisa Aguilera
Black & Green Candle

Didn't burn all the way only burned the top part.

Great Candle!

I really love these candles. They burn well and most of all, they're affordable!

Dena Fonswca

Finally found multi colored candles that weren’t dipped. Handmade. Good quality. And they do what you need. Can’t wait to shop for more witchy stuff!

Jacquelyn Wade
white and black candles

Great job! ( I received the correct items, I ordered by due date).

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