Meditation Phurba, 6 inches

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Brass Meditation Phurba, a Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Instrument

The Magic Ritual Dagger

The Phurba, also known as the 'Magic Dagger', is a three-sided stake used in Buddhist rituals to transform negative energies. These energies are known as the 'three poisons' which are attachment, ignorance and, aversion. The three sides also represent the three spirit worlds and, the phurba itself represents the axis of these three spirit worlds. The phurba unites the three spirit worlds. The handle represents 'wisdom', while the blade represents 'method'. Today, many display them in home and sacred spaces as decoration or use for personal ritual and meditation use.

Representations and Symbolism:

  • The three sides represent three spirit worlds
  • Phurba is the axis of the spirit worlds bringing them together
  • Handle: Wisdom: Used for blessings
  • Blade: Method/Skillful Means: Used for banishing
  • Stability
  • Hold demons in place
  • Binds negative energies during ceremonies
  • Remove obstacles
  • Activity of the Buddhas (the activity and wrath)

Each is crafted of brass and embellished in other metal tones. Measures approximately 6 inches.

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Nice size and weight. Beautiful piece. Looks great in my sacred space.

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