Smudge Kit to Manifest Money

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Mainfest Success with our Manifest It! Money Smudge Kit!

This Kit is filled with magical tools to refocus your intention to manifest your higher purpose.

Affirmation for Manifesting Money:
I attract money to be easily and effortlessly.
I am a money magnet.
Wealth constantly flows into my life.
I release all resistance to attracting money.

White Sage: This deeply cleansing herb banishes negativity and allows positive energy. For centuries, white sage has been used for its spiritual properties including immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection and astral work. It is associated with the element of water and the direction west.

Palo Santo: Known as "holy wood" is used for clearing negative vibes before you invite in more positive energy. Palo Santo is associated with calmness, soothing and purification.

Pyrite Stone: This powerful stone of metallic color attracts the energy of money and wealth around you. Pyrite is also known for love, strength, grounding, balancing, centering, success and divination.

Size of Palo Santo, Pyrite Stone and Sage Stick may vary in each package. Grown sustainably; Ethically harvested.

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