Spells: A Little Deck of Enchantments

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Spells: A Little Deck of Enchantments

by Lorriane Anderson 

40 Mini Cards for Inspiration

This little deck of witchery will have aspiring witches casting easy, practical spells in no time at all. Choose a card based on your intention or let your intuition guide you to what you need by pulling one at random. Love, money, peace, protection, for the home or work, travel or play, there's a spell for that and it only takes a moment.

Simple spells are the best:  The small and compact design of these 40 cards makes it easy to tuck into a jacket pocket or bag for witchy inspiration on the go. A great little gift for any witch.

Sample of Spells Mini Cards: 
Soulmate Box
Write the characteristics you imagine your dream partner to have on tiny slips of paper and place them inside a small box together with a piece of rose quartz. This will attract your ideal lover to you.

Heart Healing
At the time of a full moon, fill a sachet with amaranth and coriander. Place the sachet under your pillow every day for 14 days, then throw away the sachet at a new moon.

Add 9 drops each of black pepper and clove to an aromatherapy diffuser whenever you believe you have been cursed or are the subject of malicious intent.

Suggestions on how to use your Spells mini cards
Pull one card every morning as an intention for the day or for inspiration. Close your eyes, take a few breaths then gently shuffle the cards. Intentionally choose a particular card or let your intuition guide you to what you need by pulling one at random.

These cards make excellent gifts. Intuitively select a card and add it to letters, gift boxes and bags or sneak one into a friend’s purse.

40 cards | 2.5 x 2 inches

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Cute Little Deck

Cute little deck that gives easy to do enchantments for multiple purposes. Great price for a great product. Shipped quick.

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