Freya Volcanic Stone Statue

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Freya Stone Statue
For Altar, Home & Garden Rituals, Spellcasting & Décor

Freya, also known as Freyja, (Old Norse: “Lady”), is the most prominent of the Norse goddesses and associated with witchcraft, love, beauty, fertility, sex, battle and death. Freyja, the Nordic Goddess of Love and War has powerful magic to call upon of strength, durability and endurance. She is also the reason why we, as witches, celebrate Friday the 13th, this is known as Freya's day.

This amazing statue is perfect for those wishing to honor their Nordic heritage, wanting to connect with the Norse pantheon or to honor a goddess associated with witchcraft. The Freya statue has the appearance of carved wood and features the goddess with her two cats that pull her chariot (one on front; one on back).

Volcanic stone statues bring forth the earth element and the spirit and energies of the statue shape. Place them anywhere and allow their inspiring attributes fill your sacred space or home. Safe for your garden décor and outdoor ritual altars. Each is naturally crafted, expect slight variations.

Measures approximately 3 x 3.32 x 10.25 inches (7.62 x 8.43 x 26.04 cm)

Freya is known for:
  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Fertility
  • War and Death
  • Mid-Summer
  • Cats
  • Crops
  • Slain Warriors
  • Seer

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