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A Modern Day White Witch's Guide

by Shawn Robbins & Leanna Greenaway

Wiccapedia, in hardcover, provides a fresh, innovative, and thoroughly up-to-date look at witchcraft and gives readers a prescription for happiness. “Spiritual life coaches” and celebrity witches Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway unlock the secrets of the Wicca universe, explaining what it means to become “simply fabulous” as a 21st-century Witch. Newfound Witches will learn how to tap into magic, re-empower themselves, and realize their dreams through a little witchy know how.

Live life to the fullest using simply fabulous 21st Century Witchcraft!

Written by two celebrity witches, this friendly, up-to-date guide unlocks the secrets of the Wiccan universe, empowering new found witches with a prescription for happiness through a newer branch of witchcraft based on angel energy, known as Angelic Wicca. The authors' aim as "spiritual life coaches" is to help witches realize their hopes and dreams with a little witchy know-how.

Wicca holds the belief that all things are "magickal"; you have the power within yourself to change the world around you for the better. Wiccapedia will give you practical information about all aspects of modern witchcraft, from e-mailing or texting spells and microwaving potions to using traditional tools like the pentagram and crystals, calling upon guides and angels for support, and interpreting dreams and signs from loved ones on the "other side."

Hardcover with 256 pages

Part I: The Spiritual World
  • Witches Never Die, They Just Get Recycled
  • Angels
  • Ouija Board


Part II Spell Casting & Witchcraft
  • Magickal Moon
  • Spells & Candle Magick
  • Cell Phone Sorcery & Microwave Magick
  • Wish Boxes, Pouche & Herbs
  • Crystal Power
  • A Witch's Menagerie


Part III Love Magick
  • Love Wisdom
  • Handfastings


Part IV Psychic Ability & Divination
  • Sharpen Your Psychic Skills
  • Gaze into the Future
  • Count on the Numbers
  • Dream a Little Dream
  • Divining with Pendulum Power
  • Today & Tomorrow in Tea Leaves
  • Oh, the Things You'll See!


Part V Final Thoughts
  • Dos and Don'ts about Witchcraft
  • The Ten Commandments of Witchcraft
  • Destiny is Calling You

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