Witches Flying Hat, Black

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Witches Broom Flying Hat

"Cock your hat - angles are attitudes." - Frank Sinatra

Expertly made just for you here at 13 Moons, this Witch's Broom Flying Hat is made of cotton and velveteen. A wonderful experience in texture, this lush material is as wonderful to the eyes as it is to the touch. Different color bands for trim around each rim, will vary from the photo. The Broom Flying Hat differs from the Cauldron Stirring Hat by being a bit more "floppy". Definitely a Witch's Hat with character!

Each hat has an accenting trim sash on the brim which is removable. Color may vary from photo. A versatile accessory, this hat is perfect for practicing ritual, wearing around the house, or doing divination work. Crafted to last for years.

Witches Hats are not just for Halloween! 

Halloween/Samhain and Yule are our busiest times of the year for hats and usually there is a waiting list for these quality hats. Get yours today and begin celebrating now.

Features of your Witch Hat:

  • Approximate 15 inches (38 cm) tall
  • Brim Approximate 16 inches (40 cm) diameter
  • Inside Diameter Approximate 7 inches (17.78 cm)
  • Quality Stitchery
  • Lush Cotton Velveteen
  • Cotton Lining
  • Cotton Brim Band Tie
  • Made to Last for Years
  • Ready to Ship

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