May Day is a Fertility Festival represented by Jumping over the Broomstick and Dancing Around the Maypole as we celebrate Love, Prosperity and New Growth.


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  1. Mini Potjie Cauldron Mini Potjie Cauldron
  2. Magical Cat, Moon, Pentacle Wall Plaque
  3. Ancient Ways
    Ancient Ways
  4. Pentacle Triple Moon Goddess
  5. Mixed Besom – Large
  6. Celtic Altar Cloth
  7. Maiden, Mother and Crone Mirror
    Maiden, Mother and Crone Mirror
    Special Price $69.99 Regular Price $91.95
  8. Year and A Day of Everyday Witchcraft
  9. Pentacle Goddess And Lord Statue Set
  10. Red-Rust Besom – Large
  11. Primavera Green Woman Plaque
  12. Forest Pan Bronze Statue
  13. Maiden Mother Crone Oil Burner by Lisa Parker
  14. Black Velvet Cloak
  15. Black Cotton Cloak
  16. Meditation Cloak
  17. Love Spell Candle
  18. Green Man Altar Cloth
  19. Pagan Wheel of Year Poster
  20. Wheel of the Year
  21. Home Cleansing and Purifying Kit
    Home Cleansing and Purifying Kit
    Special Price $59.95 Regular Price $65.95
  22. Beltane Candle and Stone Set
  23.  Horned God and Moon Goddess Statue, Votive Holder Set
  24. Acorn Oak Leaf Pendant
    Acorn Oak Leaf Pendant
    Special Price $11.95 Regular Price $13.95
  25. Seduction Affirmation Votive
  26. Love Charm Bag
  27. Pink Himalayan Salt
  28. The Witches Sabbath
  29. Wicca Year of Magic
  30. Rose Quartz Oil by Suns Eye
  31. Celtic Protection Pendant
  32. Rose Quartz Sand
  33. Naughty Witch Kit
    Naughty Witch Kit
  34. Birch Anglo-Saxon Furthorc Runes
  35. Birch Celtic Ogham Set
  36. Birch Elder Futhark Runes
  37. Honey Locust Elder Futhark Runes
  38. Douglas Fir Celtic Ogham Set
  39. Douglas Fir Elder Futhark Runes
  40. Ritual Mist Spray
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Items 1-40 of 42

Set Descending Direction