Amulets & Talismans

Handmade Talismans & Amulets for Good Luck, Protection & More. Carry your handcrafted Amulet or wear to bring the power and intent you need.


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  1. Spiral Goddess Talisman
  2. Circle of Transformation Talisman Circle of Transformation Talisman
  3. Odins Raven Amulet
  4. Compass of Fortunes Pendant Compass of Fortunes Pendant
  5. Money Talisman Money Talisman
    Money Talisman
  6. Celtic Warriors Shield Pendant Celtic Warriors Shield Pendant
  7. Good Health Talisman Good Health Talisman
  8. Shield of Solomon Talisman Shield of Solomon Talisman
  9. Helm of Awe Necklace Helm of Awe Necklace
  10. Performers Talisman Performers Talisman
  11. Runemasters Sword Amulet Runemasters Sword Amulet
  12. Sigil of Defense Amulet
  13. Communication with Animals Talisman
  14. Honor and Riches Talisman Honor and Riches Talisman
  15. Safety In Travel Talisman Safety In Travel Talisman
  16. Secret Seal of Solomon Talisman
  17. Pentacle of the Goddess Talisman Pentacle of the Goddess Talisman
  18. Healers Talisman Healers Talisman
    Healers Talisman
  19. Wisdom Talisman Wisdom Talisman
  20. Mars Planetary Talisman Mars Planetary Talisman
  21. Jupiter Planetary Talisman Jupiter Planetary Talisman
  22. Sun Planetary Talisman Sun Planetary Talisman
  23. Venus Planetary Talisman Venus Planetary Talisman
  24. Saturn Planetary Talisman Saturn Planetary Talisman
  25. Moon Talisman Moon Talisman
    Moon Talisman
  26. Mercury Planetary Talisman Mercury Planetary Talisman
  27. Pentacle of Solomon Talisman Pentacle of Solomon Talisman
  28. Good Luck Talisman Good Luck Talisman
  29. Attain Love Talisman
  30. Brooms of Elder Pendant Brooms of Elder Pendant
  31. Mastery of the Magical Arts Talisman Mastery of the Magical Arts Talisman
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31 Items

Set Descending Direction