God and Goddess Altar Candle Set

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God & Goddess Altar Candle Set

Working in dualistic and counter cosmic forces.

Honor the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Our Ritual Altar Candle Set is specifically designed to pay homage to God & Goddess. Rekindle your connection to the spirits and summon powerful energies with each candle's unique smell and beautiful label.

Balance Your Energies Perfect for Wiccan ceremonies, meditations, sacred rituals, or any spiritual practice that honor the Horned God & Triple Moon Goddess. This candle set will light up your sacred space and help you summon power from the universe.

Handmade Crafted with premium wax and aromatic oils of Frankincense and Cedar for the God; Myrrh and Eucalyptus for the Goddess, this potent combination makes a perfect addition to any personal altar or ritual ceremony. Capture the alluring scent and guide your spellcrafting journey for a magical night of power and might!

Use your hand crafted Lord & Lady Candles during rituals, spells and ceremonies. They are beautiful as well as useful upon your Altar and other sacred spaces.

Each personally designed label includes a ritual chant.

We also offer the candles separately: The God Altar Candle & The Goddess Altar Candle.

WARNING: Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Trim wick to .25 inch and burn in appropriate candle holder.

Please Note: Color pigments may vary slightly in each batch made: Color of candles may differ from photo.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Horwitz

The very best candles by far!! Creates the perfect atmosphere for my rituals!

Etsy Customer
Again as in many times in the past and I am sure

Again as in many times in the past and I am sure will be so in the future, these candles have a permanent home on my altar. I am very pleased.

Etsy Customer
I'm a repeat customer.

I'm a repeat customer. The candles smell fantastic and I can't wait to use them in my next ritual.

Etsy Customer
As usual, an outstanding product.

As usual, an outstanding product.

Howard Fisher
A regular purchase for me

The God and Goddess candle set is a vital part of my altar. I am very pleased.

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