Little Bit of Tarot

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A Little Bit of Tarot
An Introduction to Reading Tarot
By Cassandra Eason

Another great book from the Little Bit Series!

Tarot cards can offer nuanced, personal readings even for beginners, helping us face the future, solve present-day problems, and better understand ourselves. Cassandra Eason opens a window onto the world of tarot, from choosing the right pack to interpreting the cards. She lays out the most important spreads, suggests intuitive methods for choosing cards, reveals what psychic protections to take when doing divination, and more.


  • Introduction: Understanding and Enjoying The Tarot
  • The First Twelve Major Twenty-Two Cards
  • The Final Ten Major Cards
  • The Meaning of the Four Suits and the Aces in the Tarot
  • The Minor Cards, Twos to Fives
  • The Minor Cards, Six to Ten
  • The Court Cards
  • Tarot Spreads for Every Occasion
  • Finding Your Own Style of Tarot Reading
  • More Complex Spreads to Develop Your Tarot Skills

Cassandra Eason is a bestselling British author of more than 80 books on various New Age topics, translated into 13 languages. She has appeared on numerous UK television programs, and is also active in Sweden, where she is a lead author for New Page, a leading New Age publisher, and in New Zealand/Australia. She interprets tarot at psychic fairs and holds courses in magic and other esoteric subjects throughout the world.

Hardcover | 128 pages | All in 2-color | 5 x 7 x .5 inches

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