Spring Altar Set

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Spring Altar Tool Set

Ritual Supplies for your Spring Time Ceremonies and Spell Crafting

We have prepared this set for your Spring Festivities and Renewal Ceremonies! Perfect for Ostara, the Spring Equinox and Beltane celebrations and rituals.

Your Set Includes:
  • Tree of Life Altar Cloth
  • Black Altar Athame
  • Silver Pentacle Altar Tile
  • Celestial Brass Inlay Wood Box
  • 5 inch Brass Pentacle Altar Bell (Style of bell may vary)
  • Brass Mortar & Pestle
  • Lavender Incense Cones
  • White Sage Smudge Stick
  • Two (2)Green Household Candles
  • Two (2) White Household Candles
  • Four (4) 7 Point Star Candle Holders
  • Black Stone Altar Bowl
  • Clover Good Luck Charm

Please Note: No Shipment of Athames in Altar Tool Sets to Australia, Brazil or Greece. Customs will remove all blades from your package. We will remove it before shipping to customers in Australia, Brazil or Greece.

Information, Meaning and Uses of the Altar Tools
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Tree of Life Altar Cloth: The Spring Set Altar Cloth with Celtic art green on black featuring a large Tree of Life in the center with roots and branches intertwining representing the Cycle of Life. Altar cloths were traditionally used in sacred areas as protection during ritual and ceremonies. The altar is very significant to your rituals; your central focus is at your altar. Whether Nature's ground, a tree stump, a wooden stool, the box with your set or an elaborate table, this is where you honor life, bless your tools, and work magic(k)! Altar cloths are not merely for decoration; the mundane is left behind as you spread out your altar cloth allowing the spiritual, the mystery and the magick to begin! If your altar has other daily purposes (such as if you are using your coffee table or piano stool for your altar), your altar cloth prevents your ritual tools from receiving these energies.

Black Handle Altar Athame: Athame (knife) - Elegantly simple 7.75 inch athame with double edged stainless steel blade, black wood handle, stainless steel trim, and its own sheath. Athames are used in many magickal and spiritual paths. Athames are a traditional magical tool used in Wiccan, Witchcraft and Pagan ceremonies, rituals and spell crafting. Athames are associated with the element fire and commonly used to direct energy.

2.75 inch Silver Pentacle Ritual Altar Tile: The ritual pentacle tile was traditionally used for protection, blessing other items, and as the focal point of strength and meditation while casting spells and other ritual and ceremonial work. Altar pentacles are usually feminine and of the element Earth.

Celestial Brass Inlay Wood Box: Various styles of celestial brass inlay (your box may vary from photo) which measures approximately 2 x 3 inches. Use as a mini altar box to hold your small treasures.

5 inch Brass Pentacle Bell: A Ritual bell is used in opening and closing your ceremony or ritual clearing energies and bringing focus. Use your bell to clear energy before, during and after a spell or ritual. Also your bell can be used in rituals for magic and healing as you call upon Gods, Goddesses, deities, as well as elemental powers and energies.

2.75 inch Brass Mortar & Pestle: Mortar & Pestles are convenient tools to have in home and on your altar. Mortar & Pestle Sets represent the male/female; yin/yang. They are known for creativity, healing, conjunction, blessings and harmony. 

Hem Precious Lavender Incense Cones: Release every day happenings allowing the healing, protective aromat of lavender to calm, clear, renew and refresh. 10 cones are in each box.

Self Burning 3 inch Wand of White Sage: This sacred herb, represents West/Water is traditionally used for Smudging. Strong scent of earth with powerful purifying/cleansing effects by smudge (smoke).

3 inch Black Stone Altar Bowl: Use for offerings on your altar table as well as for scrying. Black bowls are known for divination, warding off negatives, psychic protection and offerings.

Two Green & Two White 6 inch Ritual Candles: The green and white candles for the altar are representative of many things, such as the Gods and Goddesses; Seasons, Renewal, Success and More.

Four (4) 7 Point Star Candle Holders for your Altar Candles. Also known as Elven Faery Star which represents The Sun, Wood, Sea, Magick, Moon, Wind & Connection.

Four Leaf Clover Charm: A charm, known for good luck, is made for you to carry.

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